Cash for Cars

Sydney’s No.1 Name to Pay Best Instant Cash for Old Car Removal

What stops you from getting in touch with Majad Auto Wreckers, if you are in and around Sydney. We have been towing away old vehicles for instant cash for the last 30 years – and on each occasion, we have been leaving our customers more than 100% satisfied.

One of the main reasons behind our success has been our fully transparent and same day service and an extremely simple approach. These two qualities have made us the most acclaimed same day cash for car removal company in Sydney.


How our Cash for Car Removal Service Sydney works?

At Majad Auto Wreckers, we have always maintained a straightforward approach since the start of our endeavour. Just get in touch with us over phone or email to let us know about the condition of your car, its make and model and its age.

Accordingly, we will offer you an estimate.

Once you agree to it, fix an appointment and let our Sydney old car removal experts have a look at your car. Then, our professionals will reach your place, assess your vehicle and provide you with the original quote. If that seems proper, we will pay the price in cash on the spot.

After providing you with the payment, we will remove the car from your car property for free. Also, we will follow recycling and dismantling methods that will be devoid of carbon emissions 

Therefore, your service is pretty simple, with no needless waits, no broken or failed promise, or needless fiddling through cumbersome work.

What do our old car removal experts in Sydney deal with?

Our experts dealing with cash for old cars in Sydney would deal with any old, unused car, or the one that has been deemed unfit or unsafe for plying, the accident damaged or floor damaged cars and the ones that have NO RQ certificate. And we deal with any model of cars from any brand. The models we deal with include:
  • SUVs
  • UTEs
  • Sedans
  • People Movers
  • Trucks
  • Vans and the likes

What Makes us Different from the others?

We are experienced and hence, we know the rules and the technicalities like no one. We have at our disposal the best experts, offering customised service using state of the art technology.

Get in touch with us NOW

What makes you wait then, if you have an old car to sell off? Find us online by using phrases like ‘sell my Car Sydney’ and you will find us online. Just call us to get a rough quote for your old car from our end. Or write to us to know more about us.